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A crisis in our consciousness   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Public Talk in Ojai

Sunday, May 12, 1985

  • Why do human beings have a sense of guilt?
  • We are the past, whether that past be one day or many thousands of years.
  • Can there be a total mutation in consciousness?
  • Does thinking rely on memory?
  • Thought can imagine the limitless, but it's still limited.
  • Whatever the activity of thought, its action must always be limited. Therefore thought is not holistic.
  • Thought and the thinker are one, and therefore they are always limited.
  • Is there something beyond thought?
  • What is desire?
  • Can there be an interval between a sensation and thought then giving it a shape or image?

Series: Is creation related to ending?

Can thought perceive the whole? Can thought perceive the whole?
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