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  • A different quality of life

    A different quality of life1 hour, 14 minutes

    To learn is like a river moving, renewing itself all the time.
    Can we observe what is happening in the world?
    What is the cause of wars?
    Our consciousness, which is what you feel, what you think, your reactions, beliefs, pain, anxiety, loneliness, sorrow, lack of love, is shared by all human beings.
    What is your responsibility?
    Is it possible to have a brain that is free so as to solve problems, not having problems then trying to solve problems?
    Do you love anybody?

  • The Endless Cycle of Action and Reaction

    The Endless Cycle of Action and Reaction1 hour, 20 minutes

    The past meeting the present, a factor of conflict.
    Can you live not recording inwardly? What is implied in asking "how"?
    The possibility of a state where the brain isn't reacting. Is there an observer different from anger?
    Duality exists when there is comparison.
    Remaining with the fact, what takes place? Is time the enemy of man?
    To live religiously needs great intelligence.

  • A Deep Abiding Honesty

    A Deep Abiding Honesty1 hour, 18 minutes

    Conflict is the essence of disorder.
    What is fear and how does it arise?
    The past is time - is the root of fear, time-thought?
    What is the art of living so that one is not afraid of death?
    Is there an end to sorrow?
    Attachment one of the causes of sorrow - to whom is one attached?
    Order is to become aware of one's disorder. Isn't division the root of disorder?
    While living can one find the significance of death?

  • The Sense of Unshakeable Freedom

    The Sense of Unshakeable Freedom1 hour, 12 minutes

    Full series :
    Is love or freedom a matter of choice, a reaction?
    Freedom, goodness, love, beauty are one.
    The possibility of an interval between seeing, contact, sensation, before thought makes a shape of it.
    Conscious meditation is born of desire.
    Can the brain stop measuring?
    Beauty is where the self is not.
    What is religion apart from beliefs? Where there is space there is silence.
    When the brain is silent there is that which is nameless.

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