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watch on youtube Knowledge is Conditioning

  • Knowledge is Conditioning

    Knowledge is Conditioning28 minutes

    First Conversation with Mary Zimbalist
    Is conditioning centuries and centuries of tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, the whole background of civilization, culture, the social impacts and the many, many experiences that one has?
    Does all this contribute to the conditioning of the brain?
    Can the brain ever be free from all the programmes it has received?
    In watching, the brain becomes more sensitive and that watchfulness makes it extraordinarily acute, sharp, clear.
    This clarity is freedom.

  • Thought and Time Are the Cause of Fear

    Thought and Time Are the Cause of Fear27 minutes

    2nd Conversation with Mary Zimbalist
    Why do human beings after this tremendous evolution still live with fear?
    Can we look at fear and in the very looking discover the origin of fear?
    It is part of our tradition to bring about a fragmentation of fear, but can we see not a particular branch or leaf of fear but the whole nature, the structure, the quality of fear?
    Time is a basic factor of fear. The conditioned brain has the inherent quality of its own deterioration.

  • Religion Is an Enquiry

    Religion Is an Enquiry28 minutes

    Third Conversation with Mary Zimbalist & Ray McCoy
    What is religion?
    Is it the search of human beings for something outside their own daily lives, something other than their petty self- centred activity, beyond their cruelty and vulgarity?
    The religious mind or religious activity of a human being that is not something outside our usual activity.
    Religion is an enquiry, putting aside authority,

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