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watch on youtube Eight Public Meetings in Madras - 1981

  • The Cause of Human Conditioning

    The Cause of Human Conditioning1 hour

    Finding the cause of corruption, deterioration, you have to act.
    Why don't we have the blessedness of love?
    Is it to be cultivated?
    Is one of the causes of corruption our sense of individuality?
    Are you a total, integrated human being, undivided, indivisible, not broken up?
    Isn't understanding the cause of action?
    Where there is attachment there must be corruption.
    When you live with the fact that you do not love there is passion to change what is not true.

  • The Clear Mind Does Not Choose

    The Clear Mind Does Not Choose1 hour, 11 minutes

    Our relationship is based on knowledge.
    Is it born out of love or is it a social contract?
    Is there action not based on knowledge?
    Seeing the danger of what you call your present relationship.
    Psychologically, inwardly, is knowledge necessary?
    The difference between the computer and the human brain.
    Can you observe without thought interfering?
    Can that intelligence operate in your daily relationship?

  • Salvaging The Brain

    Salvaging The Brain1 hour, 10 minutes

    Is there an action not from experience?
    Only the mind that is confused chooses.
    Fragmentation is the essence of corruption.
    Have you seen the danger, as clearly as you see that of a tiger or a cobra, of this movement of thought?
    The division between the psyche and thought.
    Are we programmed to think we are individuals?
    Is there a movement which ends the programming?
    Critical scepticism is the essence of religion.

  • Order That Is Not Put Together by Thought

    Order That Is Not Put Together by Thought1 hour, 16 minutes

    Our consciousness itself is in disorder and thought is responsible for it.
    What is the relationship of thought to our daily life?
    Why don't we see that thought creates disorder?
    Is living in disorder the greatest danger?
    As you listen is there order now in your life?
    Can there be order without thought?
    How is one to end this movement of creating images all the time?
    A learning through instant perception and action.

  • Is Thought the Cause of the Decay of Man?

    Is Thought the Cause of the Decay of Man?1 hour, 14 minutes

    If the computer takes over, will we pursue pleasure endlessly or go inward?
    Is the brain losing its sensitivity?
    Knowledge may be the cause of our disorder. Is there a learning without time?
    The art of listening to oneself. Can one see without the word interfering and observe without accumulating knowledge?
    When you try to change "what is" aren't you caught in time?
    Does actual fear have any time or does thought introduce it?

  • Watching Without Recording

    Watching Without Recording1 hour, 19 minutes

    Is freedom associated with a restriction, a bondage, a concept, suffering?
    Can there be freedom within the field of the known?
    Absolute freedom is unrelated to freedom from something.
    What is right action in all circumstances?
    To see danger and act instantly is intelligence.
    Can thought end, or not record, the hurts?
    Without ending sorrow there cannot be love.
    The beauty and the immense possibility of meditation.

  • First Question and Answer in Madras - 1981 - On Corrupt Society, Mind, Brain...

    First Question and Answer in Madras - 1981 - On Corrupt Society, Mind, Brain...1 hour, 28 minutes

    First Question and Answers Meeting
    Full series :
    Q1: Your appeal to stand up against the corrupt society like a rock protruding from the mid-stream of the river, confuses me deeply.
    Q2: You often switch over from mind to brain. Is there any difference between them?
    Q3: Even though I could understand K's words, the message remains vague. What shall I do to understand his message fully?
    Q4: Is there really such a thing as transformation? What is it to be transformed?
    Q5: You say that one individual can transform the world. In spite of your sincerity, the world has gone from bad to worse. Is there such a thing as destiny?
    Q6: Can a teacher inculcate certain decent behavior in poverty-stricken children who are in need of true education?
    Q6: What is the source of thought? How does one go to the very source of thought so that there is a possibility of silencing the thinking process itself?

  • Second Question and Answer in Madras - 1981 - Not Serious Enough to Change, ...

    Second Question and Answer in Madras - 1981 - Not Serious Enough to Change, ...1 hour, 20 minutes

    Q1: Why is it we, medical students, never notice these things in the way you do? Why are we not serious enough to change ?
    Q2: I have been hurt and I have heard you talk about the image being hurt. Can we avoid recording the hurt? Can we get rid of the image? How?
    Q3: When I love someone I find myself deeply attached. How can we be so intensely concerned and yet not be attached?
    Q4: What is your stand in regard to miracle? Do you deny that you have performed miracles?
    Q5: You say one sould look at things totally, which is possible only when the brain is attentive. What should I do now to make the brain behave rightly?
    Q6: Is there any survival after death? When man dies full of attachement, sorrow, regrets, what happens to this residue?

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