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The spirit of this project is to help the new generation to discover and study the Teachings of Krishnamurti in their mother tongue.

Few quotes who inspire this website:

“The teachings are important in themselves and interpreters and commentators only distort them. It is advisable to go directly to the source, the teachings themselves, and not through any authority.”

“Look what religions have done: concentrated on the teacher and forgotten the teaching. Why do we give such importance to the person of the teacher? The teacher may be necessary to manifest the teaching, but beyond that, what? The vase contains water; you have to drink the water, not worship the vase. Humanity worships the vase, forgets the water. [...] The human tendency is to center everything around the person of the teacher—not on the essence of what he says, but the person. That is the great corruption.”

“Don’t accept anything the speaker is saying. Test it out for yourself.”

“You must become liberated not because of me but in spite of me.”

Krishnamurti: Of course you have not said it; somebody has written it. Therefore it is interesting. The questioner says – probably you also think – that when K goes, as he must go, what will happen to the teaching? Will it go as the Buddha’s teachings, which have been corrupted? You know what is happening; will the same fate await K’s teaching? You have understood the question? It depends upon you, not upon somebody else. It depends upon you – how you limit it, how you think about it, what it means to you. If it means nothing except words, then it will go the way of the rest. If it means something very deep to you, to you personally, then it won’t be corrupted. You understand? So it is up to you, not up to the centres and information centres and all the rest of that business. It depends upon you, whether you live the teachings or not.

Participant: Has the truth its own power?

Krishnamurti: It has, if you let it alone.

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